The new assembly complex will lead by example in the area of water conservation

The Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) coming up inside the new Tamil Nadu Assembly complex in the Omandurar Government Estate on Anna Salai will help save about 2.5 lakh liters of water a day. The rainwater harvesting structures there will store 1.2 lakh liters while the STP, likely to come up on the Sivananda Salai side, will treat 2.5 lakh litres of water everyday.

The treated effluent will be used to water the gardens spread over nearly three lakh sqft and reduce dependence on Metrowater or groundwater. The STP, costing nearly Rs 50 lakh, will be about 20 mlong, 8m-wide and 4m-deep. Sewage water will enter the collection tank and then a pumping chamber. From there, it will be led to aeration and settling chambers for removal of sludge. The clear water will be then be allowed to flow into disinfection and filtration tanks. Finally, treated effluent will collect in a tank.

The treated effluent will adhere to the State Pollution Control Board norms. The water let out after treatment will have a PH value ranging between 6.5 and 5.5, the bacteria level will be 10 mg per litre, the chlorine level 100 mg per litre and suspended solids less than 10 milligram.The sludge will not be discarded. It will be used as manure for the soil.” said K Senthil Manivanan, project coordinator, Archvista Engineering Projects Pvt Ltd, the firm in charge of setting up the STP and rainwater harvesting structures.

With CM M Karunanidhi wanting to have the next budget session in the new complex, construction is expected to be completed by March 2010. The complex, spread over an area of 86,000 sq m, is being built at a cost of Rs 425 crore. Next to it will come up the new secretariat covering 69,400 sqm and costing Rs 280 crore. The STP will cater to both buildings. The new assembly complex will lead by example in the area of water conservation.


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